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boot update file task
(ns myns.core
{:boot/export-tasks true}
[boot.core :as core]
[clojure.edn :as edn]
[ :as io]))
(core/deftask update-file
"Updates files whose path matches `match-files` with the value returned from `expr`.
`expr` is a function that takes the parsed content of the file and returns the new
content of the file. Optionally, you can specify `parse-fn`, a function that takes the
`slurp`ed content of the file and returns the parsed version. By default `parse-fn`
is set to `clojure.edn/read-string`."
[m match-files MATCH #{regex} "The set of regexes that the paths must match"
e expr VAL code "The function called to transform the content of the matched files"
p parse-fn VAL code "The function called to parse the files matched."]
(when-not (and match-files expr)
(throw (Exception. "need match-files and expr to update files.")))
(let [parse-fn (or parse-fn edn/read-string)
matching-tmp-files (->> fileset core/input-files (core/by-re match-files))
update-content (comp expr parse-fn slurp core/tmp-file)]
(reduce (fn [fileset tmp-file]
(let [new-dir (core/tmp-dir!)]
(-> (io/file new-dir (:path tmp-file))
(spit (update-content tmp-file)))
(core/add-resource fileset new-dir))) fileset matching-tmp-files)))))

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@zlorf zlorf commented Sep 9, 2016

You should add (io/make-parents new-dir (:path tmp-file)) before line 27 to make it work with nested paths.

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