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Test use of DataScript for state management of Reagent views.
(ns reagent-test.core
(:require [reagent.core :as reagent :refer [atom]]
[datascript :as d]
[cljs-uuid-utils :as uuid]))
(defn bind
([conn q]
(bind conn q (atom nil)))
([conn q state]
(let [k (uuid/make-random-uuid)]
(reset! state (d/q q @conn))
(d/listen! conn k (fn [tx-report]
(let [novelty (d/q q (:tx-data tx-report))]
(when (not-empty novelty) ;; Only update if query results actually changed
(reset! state (d/q q (:db-after tx-report)))))))
(set! (.-__key state) k)
(defn unbind
[conn state]
(d/unlisten! conn (.-__key state)))
;;; Creates a DataScript "connection" (really an atom with the current DB value)
(def conn (d/create-conn))
;;; Add some data
(d/transact! conn [{:db/id -1 :name "Bob" :age 30}
{:db/id -2 :name "Sally" :age 25}])
;;; Maintain DB history.
(def history (atom []))
(d/listen! conn :history (fn [tx-report] (swap! history conj tx-report)))
(defn undo
(when (not-empty @history)
(let [prev (peek @history)
before (:db-before prev)
after (:db-after prev)
;; Invert transition, adds->retracts, retracts->adds
tx-data (map (fn [{:keys [e a v t added]}] (d/Datom. e a v t (not added))) (:tx-data prev))]
(reset! conn before)
(swap! history pop)
(doseq [[k l] @(:listeners (meta conn))]
(when (not= k :history) ;; Don't notify history of undos
(l (d/TxReport. after before tx-data)))))))
;;; Query to get name and age of peeps in the DB
(def q-peeps '[:find ?n ?a
[?e :name ?n]
[?e :age ?a]])
;; Simple reagent component. Returns a function that performs render
(defn peeps-view
(let [peeps (bind conn q-peeps)
temp (atom {:name "" :age ""})]
(fn []
[:h2 "Peeps!"]
(map (fn [[n a]] [:li [:span (str "Name: " n " Age: " a)]]) @peeps)]
[:span "Name"][:input {:type "text"
:value (:name @temp)
:on-change #(swap! temp assoc-in [:name] (.. % -target -value))}]]
[:span "Age"][:input {:type "text"
:value (:age @temp)
:on-change #(swap! temp assoc-in [:age] (.. % -target -value))}]]
{:onClick (fn []
(d/transact! conn [{:db/id -1 :name (:name @temp) :age (js/parseInt (:age @temp))}])
(reset! temp {:name "" :age ""}))}
"Add Peep"]
[:button {:on-click #(undo) :disabled (= 0 (count @history))} "Undo"]])))
;;; Query to find peeps whose age is less than 18
(def q-young '[:find ?n
[?e :name ?n]
[?e :age ?a]
[(< ?a 18)]])
;;; Uses reagent/create-class to create a React component with lifecyle functions
(defn younguns-view
(let [y (atom nil)]
;; Subscribe to db transactions.
(fn [] (bind conn q-young y))
;; Unsubscribe from db transactions.
:component-will-unmount (fn [] (unbind conn y))
(fn [_]
[:h2 "Young 'uns (under 18)"]
(map (fn [[n]] [:li [:span n]]) @y)]])})))
;;; Some non-DB state
(def state (atom {:show-younguns false}))
;;; Uber component, contains/controls stuff and younguns.
(defn uber
[:div [peeps-view]]
[:div {:style {:margin-top "20px"}}
[:input {:type "checkbox"
:name "younguns"
:onChange #(swap! state assoc-in [:show-younguns] (.. % -target -checked))}
"Show Young'uns"]]
(when (:show-younguns @state)
[:div [younguns-view]])
;;; Initial render
(reagent/render-component [uber] (.-body js/document))
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