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Migrate your blogger blog posts to jekyll.
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Convert blogger (blogspot) posts to jekyll posts
# Basic Usage
# -----------
# ./blogger_to_jekyll.rb feed_url
# where `feed_url` can have the following format:
# http://{your_blog_name}
# Requirements
# ------------
# * feedzirra:
# Notes
# -----
# * Make sure Blogger shows full output of article in feeds.
# * Commenting on migrated articles will be set to false by default.
include Config
require 'rubygems' if CONFIG['host_os'].start_with? "darwin"
require 'feedzirra'
require 'date'
require 'optparse'
def parse_post_entries(feed, verbose)
posts = []
feed.entries.each do |post|
obj =
created_datetime = post.updated
creation_date = Date.parse(created_datetime.to_s)
title = post.title
file_name = creation_date.to_s + "-" + title.split(/ */).join("-").delete('\/') + ".html"
content = post.content
obj["file_name"] = file_name
obj["title"] = title
obj["creation_datetime"] = created_datetime
obj["updated_datetime"] = post.updated
obj["content"] = content
obj["categories"] = post.categories.join(" ")
return posts
def write_posts(posts, verbose)
Dir.mkdir("_posts") unless"_posts")
total = posts.length, i = 1
posts.each do |post|
file_name = "_posts/".concat(post["file_name"])
header = %{---
layout: post
title: #{post["title"]}
date: #{post["creation_datetime"]}
updated: #{post["updated_datetime"]}
comments: false
categories: #{post["categories"]}
}, "w+") {|f|
if verbose
puts " [#{i}/#{total[0]}] Written post #{file_name}"
i += 1
def main
options = {}
opt_parser = do |opt|
opt.banner = "Usage: ./blogger_to_jekyll.rb FEED_URL [OPTIONS]"
opt.separator ""
opt.separator "Options"
opt.on("-v", "--verbose", "Print out all.") do
options[:verbose] = true
if ARGV[0]
feed_url = ARGV.first
puts opt_parser
puts "Fetching feed #{feed_url}..."
feed = Feedzirra::Feed.fetch_and_parse(feed_url)
puts "Parsing feed..."
posts = parse_post_entries(feed, options[:verbose])
puts "Writing posts to _posts/..."
write_posts(posts, options[:verbose])
puts "Done!"

thanks this worked for me


Worked for me - thanks!


I had to add require ''rubygems" before feedzirra to make the script work on OS X Lion.

I also had to change the way dates are parsed like this:

created_datetime = post.updated
creation_date = Date.parse(created_datetime.to_s)

I guess the Blogger RSS format must have changed at some point or something.


That's quite probable. I am glad to receive patches.


Gotcha. I threw in the changes at my fork. Feel free to merge. Might want to test first to make sure I didn't bork things up (I'm a Pythonista :) ).


I just merged your changes. Sorry, that I couldn't figure out a way to keep the credits, but your work is most appreciated! Thank you, sir


No probs. Thanks. :)


Hi, one more thing... I noticed it is better to use "created_datetime = post.published" instead of "created_datetime = post.updated". Might want to change that in your gist. You might want to store the updated time in YAML front matter btw. Probably doesn't hurt.


You might want to store the updated time in YAML front matter btw. Probably doesn't hurt.

You lost me. YAML?


See this. It's just that little snippet in front of a page.

I updated my Gist to contain the change mentioned above. Feel free to merge.


Merged. :)


Thanks for this gist. Works


After changing Config to RbConfig it worked. Thanks!


FYI, if you'd also like to migrate the comments:

This requires changing your template (explained in the walkthrough) and exporting a backup of your blog (also explained in the walkthrough)


Thanks for this script! Everything worked well, except the handling of colon characters in the title. They make Jekyll fall over and die, for some reason. Relevant: jekyll/jekyll#549




Hi Kennym,

Worked for me. Works like a charm. But I had some trouble because the feedzirra module is now renamed to feedjira.
You need to update the script to show that. I did the same and I could do the import then.

I have one question though: I lost the comments I had on blogger in the process. How do I migrate the comments?


+1 for feedjira


thanks for script!
when I rename feedzirra to feedjira, it work.
but feeds/posts/default option parse only some part of all my posts.
so, I change feeds/posts/default to feeds/posts/default?max-results=100 and it parse all my post.

I link about parsing all post.


I´m getting blogspot_to_jekyll.rb:25:in

': Use RbConfig instead of obsolete and deprecated Config.
blogspot_to_jekyll.rb:27:in <main>': uninitialized constant CONFIG (NameError) after rename it to feedjira, why?


@danielgomezrico I got the same problem and solved it on my fork @kennym if you want, you can update yours from my code :smile: :+1:

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