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Created Apr 30, 2012
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Create a rule for how a URL should be routed including the view name and the $_GET variables to set
function getViewPath($routes, $requestUri) {
// extract the path part of our url (e.g. '/news/3/1')
// and trim slashes
$url = trim( parse_url($requestUri, PHP_URL_PATH), '/');
if ($url == '') {
return 'views/home.php';
// get the values sent in the url
$parts = explode('/', $url);
// the first part is the view file name
$viewName = $parts[0];
$viewPath = "views/$viewName.php";
// make sure the path does not have a "http://" or ".."
// so we won't include a remote file or a file in a directory above
if (
strpos($viewPath, '://') !== false
|| strpos($viewPath, '..') !== false
|| !is_file($viewPath)
) {
return false;
// get the route we should use
$route = $routes[$viewName];
// ignore the first part, that was our view name
$varValues = array_slice($parts, 1);
$varNames = explode('/', $route);
// go through each var name in the route
foreach ($varNames as $i => $name) {
$_GET[$name] = $_REQUEST[$name] = @$varValues[$i];
return $viewPath;
// here define new routes
$routes = array(
'news' => 'id/page',
'contact' => 'action/id',
'blog' => 'year/month/day/post_id/post_name',
// ...
// get the view path. If false, send 404 otherwise include file
$viewFile = getViewPath($routes, $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
if (!$viewFile) {
header('HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found');

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@kensnyder kensnyder commented Apr 30, 2012


The $routes array has keys that represent the view file to use; it has values that represent the names of the variables to save to $_GET and $_REQUEST.

Example usage: getViewPath($routes, '/news/3/1'); returns "views/news.php" and sets $_GET['id'] = "3" and $_GET['page'] = "1".

Also, consider making a converse function that takes a view name and an associative array and returns a url. e.g. url('news', array('id'=>3, 'page'=>1)) would return "/news/3/1". That will reduce chance of error and allow you to change your routing scheme any time.

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