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Last active Jul 30, 2020
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Corrupted guauntlet prep
Goal is to get
* 7 of each resource
* 20 fish
* 2 tier 3 weapons
* 3 potions
* 520 shards
Try to do this in two passes with minimal item juggling.
First pass:
* Fill up inventory with resources and fish.
* Avoid picking up grym leaves, unless tools are dropped.
* Leave one slot open for a weapon frame.
(Only kill small mobs if you see 3 of them, otherwise kill medium mob.)
(Prefer spider > rat > bat, scorpion > unicorn > wolf).
* Scout for demi-bosses nearest spawn to know what weapon to make.
* Get at least 80 shards (first T2 weapon) + 30 shards (3 vials).
* Drop resources, fill vials, and drop cooked fish.
* Grind 3 shards if available, and drop pestle & mortar after. Can also do this in second pass.
Second pass:
* Get rest of missing resources and weapons, including grym leaves.
* Try to get grym leaves early if possible, so you can drink one dose and decant the rest. This opens up 2 slots.
* Make sure you get another weapon frame.
* Kill medium mobs for shards.
* Teleport back. Make weapons first to free up inventory.
* Prefer to make T2 body first since that uses up the most resources.
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