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Airbus A380 Take-off Time
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--Xholon Workbook (C) Ken Webb Mon Feb 13 2012 13:55:06 GMT-0500 (EST)-->
Khan Academy
Title: Airbus A380 Take-off Time
Description: Figuring how long it takes an a380 to take off given a constant acceleration
InternalName: airbus-a380-take-off-time
YoutubeId: p4DTormtEG0
Keywords: acceleration, velocity, physics
My Notes
- Take off velocity = 280 km/hr in the direction of the runway
- Take off acceleration of 1.0 m/s^2
How long does take off last?
Take off velocity in m/s = 280 km/hr * 1/3600 * 1000/1 = 280 * 1000 / 3600 = 78 m/s
It will take 78 seconds to take off.
Acceleration is a vector = delta v / delta t
Velocity is a vector
delta t = delta v / acceleration = 78 seconds
<script implName="lang:python:inline:"><![CDATA[
v = 280.0 # km/hr at take off
a = 1.0 # m/s^2 at each second before take off
v = v * (1.0/3600.0) * (1000.0/1.0) # m/s
t = v / a # seconds
print "Time to take off = " str(t)
# result: Time to take off = 77.7777777778
<script implName="lang:javascript:inline:"><![CDATA[
var v = 280.0; // km/hr at take off
var a = 1.0; // m/s^2 at each second before take off
var v = v * (1.0/3600.0) * (1000.0/1.0); // m/s
var t = v / a; // delta t in seconds
print("Time to take off = " t "\n");
//javascript:(function(){var v=280.0;var a=1.0;var v=v*(1.0/3600.0)*(1000.0/1.0);var t=v/a;alert("Time to take off = " t "\n");})()
<!-- domain objects -->
<port name="vKmh" connector="#xpointer(Velocity[1])"/>
<port name="vMs" connector="#xpointer(Velocity[2])"/>
<port name="a" connector="#xpointer(Acceleration)"/>
<port name="t" connector="#xpointer(Duration)"/>
<Format>Time to take off = %.0f %s</Format>
<Velocity>280.0 km/h</Velocity>
<Velocity>0.0 m/s</Velocity>
<Acceleration>1.0 m/s^2</Acceleration>
<Duration>0.0 s</Duration>
<AirbusA380behavior implName="lang:python:inline:"><![CDATA[
vMs.setVal(vKmh.val * (1.0/3600.0) * (1000.0/1.0))
t.setVal(vMs.val / a.val)
print str(t)
<AirbusA380behavior implName="lang:javascript:inline:"><![CDATA[
vMs.setVal(vKmh.val * (1.0/3600.0) * (1000.0/1.0));
t.setVal(vMs.val / a.val);
<Blockbehavior implName="lang:bsh:inline:"><![CDATA[
// This works if pasted in as a last child of Block.
//System.out.print("Java/Beanshell wants something to do. Height:" height "\n");
<Blockbehavior implName="lang:jruby:inline:"><![CDATA[
#require 'java'
# This works if pasted in as a last child of Block.
#puts "Ruby wants something to do. Height: #{$height}"
<Blockbehavior implName="lang:groovy:inline:"><![CDATA[
// This works if pasted in as a last child of Block.
//System.out.print("Groovy wants something to do. Height:" height "\n");
<SvgClient><Attribute_String roleName="svgUri"><![CDATA[data:image/svg xml,
]]></Attribute_String><Attribute_String roleName="setup">${MODELNAME_DEFAULT},${SVGURI_DEFAULT}</Attribute_String></SvgClient>
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