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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--Xholon Workbook (C) Ken Webb Sat Jul 07 2012 14:00:57 GMT-0400 (EDT)-->
Title: Links
Description: Links to interesting sites
My Notes
This workbook contains links to sites that I find interesting or useful. Many of these sites have something relevant to my ideas about interactive workbooks.
How to use the links::
Click the Run button above.
Hover above a link to see more information about it.
Click the link to open it in a separate tab or window.
How to add a new link::
Scroll down to the editor that has all the links, and create a new one.
Use the new link by clicking Run above, or Refresh in the overlay.
How to edit the JavaScript/jQuery code that initializes the links::
Scroll down to the editor that contains the LinkSystembehavior.
Edit the code.
Test your changes by clicking Run above, or Refresh in the overlay.
<script implName="lang:python:inline:"><![CDATA[
<script implName="lang:javascript:inline:"><![CDATA[
<!-- types of domain objects -->
<LinkSystem rolename="Links">
<!-- <Link rolename="" href=""></Link> -->
<LinkCategory rolename="Xholon">
<Link rolename="Xholon" href="">Xholon main page, with older information</Link>
<Link rolename="Workbook" href="">Xholon Workbook main page</Link>
<Link rolename="wiki" href="">Xholon wiki, with newer ideas</Link>
<Link rolename="webEdition examples" href="">Online Xholon apps that run in a browser using HTML and JavaScript</Link>
<Link rolename="jvmEdition examples" href="">Online Xholon apps that run with Java Web Start</Link>
<Link rolename="Collaborative Apps" href="">Xholon Collaborative Apps described in a WordPress blog</Link>
<Link rolename="Bestiary" href="">Example of a collaborative app</Link>
<Link rolename="Collaborative Apps mockup" href="">Earlier mockup of the Xholon Collaborative Apps pages</Link>
<Link rolename="webEdition source code" href=""/>
<Link rolename="Workbook source code" href=""/>
<Link rolename="Twitter" href="!/KenSWebb"/>
<LinkCategory rolename="Science News and Opinion">
<!-- these are good or potential sources for my Science blogs -->
<Link rolename="BBC" href=""/>
<Link rolename="CBC" href=""/>
<Link rolename="CNN Light Years" href=""/>
<Link rolename="Deutsche Welle" href=""/>
<Link rolename="Discover" href=""/>
<Link rolename="Economist" href=""/>
<Link rolename="National Geographic" href=""/>
<Link rolename="Nature" href=""/>
<Link rolename="New York Times" href=""/>
<Link rolename="New York Times Dot Earth" href=""/>
<Link rolename="PHYS.ORG" href=""/>
<Link rolename="Popular Science" href=""/>
<Link rolename="Research Blogging" href=""/>
<Link rolename="Science Daily" href=""/>
<Link rolename="Scientific American" href=""/>
<Link rolename="Time" href=""/>
<Link rolename="Wired" href=""/>
<LinkCategory rolename="Science Sites">
<!-- other sites with useful science, math, technology, computer material -->
<Link rolename="Azimuth Project" href="">a focal point for scientists and engineers interested in saving the planet</Link>
<Link rolename="John Baez" href="">John is a mathematical physicist working on the Azimuth Project</Link>
<Link rolename="Khan Academy" href="">Learn almost anything for free</Link>
<Link rolename="Steve Easterbrook, Serendipity" href="">What has Software Engineering got to do with Climate Change?</Link>
<Link rolename="Wikipedia" href="">the largest encyclopedia on the planet</Link>
<LinkCategory rolename="Third-party Software and Sites">
<!-- these are some of the 3rd-party libraries used in Xholon Worbook and Xholon webEdition -->
<Link rolename="CodeMirror" href="">the editor software used on this page</Link>
<Link rolename="D3" href="">Data-Driven Documents, including SVG</Link>
<Link rolename="Freemind Browser" href="">Flash browser for FreeMind mindmaps</Link>
<Link rolename="Github" href="">Workbooks can be stored as gists</Link>
<Link rolename="jQuery" href="">JavaScript library that makes this page work, and that is used in a lot of app behaviors</Link>
<Link rolename="jQuery UI" href="">JavaScript UI library used on this page at runtime</Link>
<Link rolename="Raphaël" href="">SVG or VML vector graphics</Link>
<Link rolename="gRaphaël charts and graphs" href="">Raphaël charts and graphs</Link>
<Link rolename="svg-edit" href="">online SVG editor</Link>
<Link rolename="SVG Web" href="">Scalable Vector Graphics for Web Browsers using Flash</Link>
<Link rolename="Web Sequence Diagrams" href="">online Sequence Diagrams</Link>
<LinkCategory rolename="Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change organizations">
<!-- -->
<Link rolename="Guardian Environment Network" href="">News and comment from the world's best environment sites</Link>
<Link rolename="RealClimate" href="">Climate science from climate scientists</Link>
<Link rolename="350.0rg" href="">building a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis</Link>
<Link rolename="Environmental organizations" href="">List of environmental organizations</Link>
<Link rolename="World Environmental Organization" href="">100 Top Climate Change Sites</Link>
<LinkCategory rolename="others">
<Link rolename="GitHub and the Democratization of Programming" href="">an interview with Chris Wanstrath, co-founder and CEO of GitHub</Link>
<Link rolename="Live coding in d3" href="">example of live coding</Link>
<Link rolename="Bret Victor" href="">some interesting ideas</Link>
<Link rolename="TreeHugger" href="">green news, solutions, and product information</Link>
<Link rolename="JSXGraph" href="">a cross-browser library for interactive geometry, function plotting, charting, and data visualization in a web browse</Link>
<Link roleName="Learn SVG" href=""/>
<Link roleName="The Noun Project" href="">“sharing, celebrating and enhancing the worlds visual language” SVG images</Link>
<Link roleName="Pergola" href="">JavaScript library for SVG</Link>
<Link roleName="Inkscape" href="">An excellent offline open-source SVG editor</Link>
<Link roleName="Grist" href="">A beacon in the smog</Link>
<Blockbehavior implName="lang:python:inline:"><![CDATA[
<Blockbehavior implName="lang:javascript:inline:"><![CDATA[
<LinkSystembehavior implName="lang:webEditionjs:inline:"><![CDATA[
function postConfigure() {
$("textarea#btstrp_console").css("font-size", "12px");
var timer = 0;
var links = this.parent().find(".Link");
links.bind("mouseenter", function() {
if (!timer) {
var thisLink = $(this);
timer = setTimeout(function() {
var info = thisLink.attr("val_string");
if (info) {
print("\n" + info);
}, 500);
links.bind("mouseleave", function() {
if (timer) {
timer = 0;
links.bind("click", function(event) {
var href = $(this).attr("href");
if (href) {;
<Blockbehavior implName="lang:bsh:inline:"><![CDATA[
<Blockbehavior implName="lang:jruby:inline:"><![CDATA[
<Blockbehavior implName="lang:groovy:inline:"><![CDATA[
<SvgClient><Attribute_String roleName="svgUri"><![CDATA[data:image/svg+xml,
<svg width="1" height="1" xmlns="">
]]></Attribute_String><Attribute_String roleName="setup">${MODELNAME_DEFAULT},${SVGURI_DEFAULT}</Attribute_String></SvgClient>
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