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Chlorella vulgaris
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--Xholon Workbook MIT License, Copyright (C) Ken Webb, Fri Aug 04 2023 14:39:04 GMT-0400 (GMT-04:00)-->
Title: Chlorella vulgaris
InternalName: 72572edbf2f2b8658a0c9e796514a799
My Notes
4 August 2023
This is related to my more general workook [ref 2].
I will use some of the references from that workook.
I will use this workbook to create a running model of the Chlorella vulgaris microalga.
This will be based somewhat on my earlier Cell models.
One form of the photosynthetic refaction is written as:
light + 3CO2 + 6H2O -> C3H6O2 + 3O2 + 3H2O
### References
- I am taking the structure of Chlorella vulgaris from this review paper
- Fig 1 diagram
<!-- some of these class names are already used in my earlier Cell models
see: ~/gwtspace/Xholon/Xholon/src/org/primordion/cellontro
<Chlorella> <!-- genus -->
<ChlorellaVulgaris/> <!-- species -->
<!-- atoms, molecules, light, etc. -->
<CarbonDioxide/> <!-- CO2 -->
<Oxygen/> <!-- O2 -->
<Water/> <!-- H2O -->
<Photon/> <!-- light from the Sun -->
<TriosePhosphate/> <!-- immediate product of the Calvin Cycle (photosynthesis) -->
<Sucrose/> <!-- final product of the Calvin Cycle -->
<port name="height" connector="Height"/>
<Mitochondrion multiplicity="2"/>
<LipidDroplet multiplicity="3"/>
<ChloroplyllAndCarotenoids multiplicity="2"/> <!-- what is this as opposed to Thylakoid ? -->
<Starch multiplicity="4"/>
<Thylakoid multiplicity="2"/>
<Blockbehavior implName="org.primordion.xholon.base.Behavior_gwtjs"><![CDATA[
var a = 123;
var b = 456;
var c = a * b;
if (console) {
//# sourceURL=Blockbehavior.js
<Heightbehavior implName="org.primordion.xholon.base.Behavior_gwtjs"><![CDATA[
var myHeight, testing;
var beh = {
postConfigure: function() {
testing = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10);
myHeight = this.cnode.parent();
act: function() {
toString: function() {
return "testing:" + testing;
//# sourceURL=Heightbehavior.js
<SvgClient><Attribute_String roleName="svgUri"><![CDATA[data:image/svg+xml,
<svg width="100" height="50" xmlns="">
<title>Chlorella vulgaris</title>
<rect id="AlgaSystem/ChlorellaVulgaris" fill="#98FB98" height="50" width="50" x="25" y="0"/>
<title>Cell Wall</title>
<rect id="AlgaSystem/ChlorellaVulgaris/CellWall" fill="#6AB06A" height="50" width="10" x="80" y="0"/>
]]></Attribute_String><Attribute_String roleName="setup">${MODELNAME_DEFAULT},${SVGURI_DEFAULT}</Attribute_String></SvgClient>
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