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Last active October 31, 2023 16:57
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Industrial OS On-Boarding

Progress on on-boarding to Industrial OS

My actions

Ongoing / In progress

  • Reading of the available Industrial OS pages in confluence, found via search, unstructured.
  • Brushing up on isar in general, re-reading its user manual, etc.
  • Setting up a debian container and industrial OS workspace using the current 'all.xml' manifest to kick off a build as a baseline for development and get a feel for the product build.


  • Review more of the layers involved, improve understanding of how each fits in, its particular responsibilities, and review how they are implemented, starting with isar and then industrial-core, and continue from there.
  • Examine how kas is being utilized by isar, I'm wondering if we use it at all for IndOS (Low priority).


  • Subscribed to debian-embedded.
  • Was already subscribed to isar-users, and have been reading some of the recent threads to start to catch up there.

Open Questions

  • Basics, what's the position, where will it fit in, where will I be on the organizational chart? Whom are my coworkers, boss, etc. What management will I be interacting with regularly? Further, what precisely will be my position, same job title or different, salary and other HR stuff, etc.
  • Is there an onboarding process currently? Is there a getting started / minimum work to get a build off the ground page for new developers?
  • What are the key meetings I'll need to be attending? Presumably a product meeting at a minimum. Who will be on this call?
  • Assuming a scrum process, how is it being implemented for this team? Related, what, if anything, is still in a waterfall model? Is anything left until closer to the release process? And what is the current release process, from a high level?
  • What's the current development focus? What are we working on right now, and what will we be working on as we move to FDS? Are there any in-progress proposals or projects being worked on beyond particular product releases?
  • What's the structure of the product, what editions exist, how are the releases structured and distributed to customers? Are there installers?
  • What's the typical development workflow for internal engineers? On a build server? In a container? With kas?
  • What are the the repository branching schemes and manifest naming scheme?
  • How is Industrial OS currently being used by other departments in Siemens, and how will it be, given we'll be in the Foundation? How will we fit in to overall Siemens DI direction and vision?
  • How do you see the future of the product? What direction are you heading in, what would you like to see happen moving forward? What do you see as the weaknesses in the product, as well as the strengths?
  • How is the team interacting with the OSS foundation of the product? Presumably debian embedded and isar-users, are there other communication channels or processes needed? How often, and when, does the team contribute to isar vs placing everything in our layers?
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