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# Consistent handling of the defconfig -> .config, with merge of config
# fragments using the same mechanism as busybox and linux-yocto.
# The functionality is split into a number of small functions to easier
# facilitate recipe alteration of the process, or filtering of the fragments
# to be merged. To filter the fragments in use, append to the pipeline (after
# the inherit of this class):
# merge_fragment_pipeline .= "| my_filter"
# Note: due to bitbake's use of set -e, the filter must return success (0).
DEFCONFIG ?= "${WORKDIR}/defconfig"
merge_fragment_pipeline = "cat"
do_prepare_config () {
if [ ! -e "${DEFCONFIG}" ]; then
bbfatal "Configuration file '${DEFCONFIG}' does not exist"
merge_fragments ${B}/.config
do_prepare_config[dirs] = "${S}"
do_prepare_config[depends] += "kern-tools-native:do_populate_sysroot"
addtask prepare_config before do_configure after do_patch
install_config () {
cp -f ${DEFCONFIG} ${B}/.config
merge_fragments () {
list_fragments | ${merge_fragment_pipeline} >"${B}/fragments" -m "$1" $(cat "${B}/fragments")
list_fragments () {
cat <<END
def src_config_fragments(d):
sources = src_patches(d, True)
return [s for s in sources if s.endswith('.cfg')]
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