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Kevin Coyle kevin-coyle

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kevin-coyle /
Created April 4, 2016 13:51
Installing Drush
#! /bin/bash
chmod +x drush.phar
sudo mv drush.phar /usr/local/bin/drush
drush init
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until nc -z mysql 3306; do
echo "$(date) - waiting for database to be up..."
sleep 1
kevin-coyle / gist:9ce88cefda90471cb35b
Created February 15, 2016 16:04
Scrape site with wget
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wget -r --convert-links --html-extension
kevin-coyle /
Created September 18, 2015 20:48
Check Drupal is Up and put it into a BASH variable
UP=`drush status | grep "Drupal bootstrap" | awk '{print $4}'`
kevin-coyle / gist:6839e59d4c8efce5af06
Last active August 29, 2015 14:25
Respond JS IE8 flash of unstyled content hack.
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.container {
display: none;
@media (min-width: 1px) {
.container {
display: block;
kevin-coyle /
Last active August 29, 2015 14:23 — forked from haggen/

Get boot2docker working with nfs instead of vboxsf.

Tested on:

- Boot2Docker-cli version: v1.6.0
  Git commit: 9894ae9
- Boot2Docker-cli version: v1.6.2
  Git commit: cb2c3bc
kevin-coyle / Disable Block Programmatically
Created January 21, 2014 14:03
Modified from A simple helper function to disable blocks programatically. Useful for deployment modules.
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* Helper Function to disable blocks
* Modified from
* @param string $theme The name of the theme you'd like the block to be disabled on
* @param array $blocks Array of blocks. Module => Block name
function disable_block($theme, $blocks) {
foreach ($blocks as $module => $delta) {
$num_updated = db_update('block') // Table name no longer needs {}