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Last active August 26, 2017 07:15
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Customized String interpolation example
* @author Kevin Lee
* @since 2016-04-09
object StringInterpolation extends App {
implicit class EscapeNewLineAndDoubleQuote(val sc: StringContext) extends AnyVal {
def esc(args: Any*): String = {
val strings =
val expression = args.iterator
val builder = new StringBuilder(
while (strings.hasNext) {
builder append"\n", "\\n").replaceAllLiterally("\r", "\\r").replaceAllLiterally("\"", """\"""")
builder append
private val nl = "\n"
private val dq = "\""
// blah blah\nblah \"blah\"\nblah
println(esc"blah blah\nblah ${dq}blah${dq}${nl}blah")
// blah blah\nblah \"blah\"\nblah
println(esc"""blah blah\nblah ${dq}blah${dq}${nl}blah""")
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damby commented Feb 16, 2017


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@damby 😠

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