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macOS VirtualBox headless Ubuntu Server and Docker setup

Get started

Install virtualbox and the extension pack:

brew cask install docker virtualbox virtualbox-extension-pack

Download the ubuntu server image and create a VBox for it, the rest of the readme assumes it is named "Ubuntu Server".

Enable SSH

In the box

sudo apt install openssh-server

On the host

VBoxManage modifyvm "Ubuntu Server" --natpf1 "ssh,tcp,,3022,,22"

This will forward the ssh port 22 to the host on 3022. Next, start the server without a window:

VBoxManage startvm "Ubuntu Server" --type headless

And connect to it:

ssh -p 3022 username@

Install docker

Once your ssh session is running in the box:

Add yourself to the docker and vboxsf group:

sudo usermod -aG docker,vboxsf `whoami`;
sudo reboot
  • vboxsf is needed to access shared folders.
  • docker is needed to see the docker daemon.

Shared folders

Mounting shared folders in Ubuntu Server

You can mount host folders in the VirtualBox:

The only thing that's changed is the command sudo /media/cdrom/ (not

Shares are visible under /media/sf_<name-of-share>.


Install by running the following (curl method did not work for me so using pip):

sudo apt install python-pip;
export LC_ALL=C; #
pip install docker-compose;

Some handy aliases

echo "alias d='docker'" >> .bashrc;
echo "alias dc='docker-compose'" >> .bashrc;
source .bashrc
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