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Changelog 1.21.2
  • d87fe3801 Version bump to 1.21.2 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 8fe73d986 Updated Ghost-Admin to 1.21.2 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 6618f228b Version bump to 1.21.2 - Kevin Ansfield
  • fe0197b22 🐛Fixed {{get}} helper's date comparison (TryGhost/Ghost#9454) - Hannah Wolfe
  • 9ede5905f Reduce toJSON implementation: use the power of bookshelf (TryGhost/Ghost#9423) - Katharina Irrgang
  • 58157b141 🐛Fixed asset redirects (TryGhost/Ghost#9455) - Katharina Irrgang
  • 381f62b5d Fix failing tests - Kevin Ansfield
  • c82e2b370 Koenig - Generic {{koenig-card}} container card component - Kevin Ansfield
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