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Changelog 1.24.3
  • b0bca6e42 Version bump to 1.24.3 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 8b2050d88 Updated Ghost-Admin to 1.24.3 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 5079830dd Version bump to 1.24.3 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 7b0d5d465 🐛 Fixed preview url and Zapier on subdirectory (TryGhost/Ghost#9683) - Katharina Irrgang
  • d506e86f7 🎨Updated private mode message (TryGhost/Ghost#9677) - Miguel Piedrafita
  • 56ef66ccf Fixed typo in: core/server/services/apps/index.js (TryGhost/Ghost#9673) - Miguel Piedrafita
  • f25f7ac54 🐛 Fixed slug template for tags and authors - kirrg001
  • f58d462c9 🐛 Koenig - Disable Grammarly to fix high CPU usage - Kevin Ansfield
  • 0dd619b68 Improved error message for URL Service 503s - Hannah Wolfe
  • fe8c07333 Koenig - Embed card renderer - Kevin Ansfield
  • 7967ee389 Koenig - Embed card - Kevin Ansfield
  • ca20f3a6b Added /oembed API endpoint - Kevin Ansfield
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