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Changelog 2.21.1
  • 9ff217a0e Version bump to 2.21.1 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 6cc7c37c2 Updated Ghost-Admin to 2.21.1 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 3d16b50fc Version bump to 2.21.1 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 824e66835 🐛 Fixed syntax highlighting inside Code Injection inputs - Kevin Ansfield
  • 99375f73f Fixed slash-menu appearing empty immediately after setting title on new post - Kevin Ansfield
  • e50f4819c Increase timeout for gh-uploader progress bar assertion - Kevin Ansfield
  • 90d038c64 Update dependency @tryghost/mobiledoc-kit to v0.11.2-ghost.1 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 25eae72e7 Fixed backspace not combining sections if first section is a special markup - Kevin Ansfield
  • 458e0e9bd Fixed linting - Kevin Ansfield
  • 91d393e87 🐛 Fixed current styling being lost when applying markdown expansions - Kevin Ansfield
  • caa7b4dbf Lock file maintenance (#1178) - renovate[bot]
  • 66d903848 Update dependency codemirror to v5.46.0 (#1176) - renovate[bot]
  • 2f09df5f3 Update dependency ember-composable-helpers to v2.3.1 (#1177) - renovate[bot]
  • 2d3022083 Update dependency ember-infinity to v1.4.4 - Renovate Bot
  • a5e043ae0 Update dependency ember-infinity to v1.4.3 - Renovate Bot
  • 8eb4d4c88 replace deprecated del() with delete() call - Florian Schlittenbauer
  • a6d7c46f2 Updated members payment failed copy and style - Zimo
  • bf90733ce Updated token generation to use plans on member - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 70343f792 Updated getMember to return plans - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 4015e0a66 🐛 Fixed night shift toggle in Firefox Nightly. (#1174) - Emilio Cobos Álvarez
  • a4b755411 Lock file maintenance (#1172) - renovate[bot]
  • 0a1d60843 Update ember addons (#1171) - renovate[bot]
  • 7574d9af6 Added members-theme-bindings library to public - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 18ba613e4 Added member.js file to initialise theme bindings - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 59c57a921 Copied members-theme-bindings to public post install - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 5d02d1999 Installed @tryghost/members-theme-bindings@0.1.0 - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 8689493cf Updated ghost_head to include the members scripts - Fabien O'Carroll
  • ed1a42f7f Exported raw middleware from serve-public-file - Fabien O'Carroll
  • b207ea35e Updated signup flow to handle invalid payments - Rish
  • d7fadfeff Fixed bug with deleting members after config change - Fabien O'Carroll
  • d638d6e97 Added middleware for serving members.js from core - Fabien O'Carroll
  • 235d6a036 Refactored labs middleware to remove duplication - Fabien O'Carroll
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