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Changelog 2.18.3
  • 6629b4d49 Version bump to 2.18.3 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 0699731f0 Updated Ghost-Admin to 2.18.3 - Kevin Ansfield
  • c7d39230f Version bump to 2.18.3 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 9886e21cb Loosened equality check for error message in GhostMailer test - Kevin Ansfield
  • c7294b270 Fixed image card placeholder image changing on select/deselect - Kevin Ansfield
  • 8af0709a5 Fixed "must use set()" error caused by image card random placeholder - Kevin Ansfield
  • 0c2c8ec1b 🐛 Fixed unsaved editor changes being lost when changing PSM data on a published post - Kevin Ansfield
  • e1d609dac Fixed "view site" link not getting active class immediately after login - Kevin Ansfield
  • 1e6f4ba34 🐛 Fixed Admin API v2 wasn't returning preview url - kirrg001
  • 17a577c9b Added reset-to-homepage behaviour when clicking "view site" link - Kevin Ansfield
  • f89b1381a Fixed highlight of email field for "unknown user" in forgot password flow - Kevin Ansfield
  • 97f181b7a Fixed undefined showing up in setup/two errors - Kevin Ansfield
  • 6625f3bda Improved error handling in setup/two screen - Kevin Ansfield
  • 2af7ff1ef Fixed design/marketplace icon stroke - Zimo
  • 584eeb8cf View site inside Ghost Admin - John O'Nolan
  • 394c8b765 Removed hard-coded members lab flag for theme - Rish
  • 51151e9e9 Removed obsolete comment about api keys not being supported (#10622) - Grant
  • c91cd8b33 Fixed custom integrations acceptance test - Kevin Ansfield
  • 25b542600 🐛 Fixed sometimes invalid (due to trailing slash) API URL shown on integration screen - Kevin Ansfield
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