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Last active July 1, 2020 13:35
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Vandelay Software Developer Test

Vandelay Education Software Developer Challenge

Build a SQL GUI in the browser that can save queries


You can refer to this old SQL workshop for documentation on the sample sqlite database. Play close attention to the Online SQL Interpreter, also located here. That's similar to part of what we want to build!


  1. Here's the database we want to query. Click download.

  2. We want to build a SQL browser similar to the one linked. No rules here, just a text box that takes some SQL and runs it on the sample database, either on the front end or by making a server call. Use whatever out of the box libraries you want. Don't spend time on making it too pretty, just make sure it works from a mobile and desktop browser with basic responsiveness.

  3. The feature we really want to add is a way to save past queries. We'll need a backend that somehow saves the queries, can pull them up, and inject them into the textbox to run. Your choice of whatever technology there. We use a lot of Node.js/Express.js, MongoDB, MySQL, DynamoDB, etc.

  4. Add user accounts with a password so different users can save their own queries.

  5. Get this sucker hosted and share the source. Have steps in the about how to get it started locally if needed.

  6. Solve those sample queries!

Here's a wireframe for inspiration

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