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Created Aug 26, 2020
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void Module::SetDynamicIL(mdToken token, TADDR blobAddress, BOOL fTemporaryOverride)
DynamicILBlobEntry entry = {mdToken(token), TADDR(blobAddress)};
// Lazily allocate a Crst to serialize update access to the info structure.
// Carefully synchronize to ensure we don't leak a Crst in race conditions.
if (m_debuggerSpecificData.m_pDynamicILCrst == NULL)
CrstHolder ch(m_debuggerSpecificData.m_pDynamicILCrst);
// Figure out which table to fill in
PTR_DynamicILBlobTable &table(fTemporaryOverride ? m_debuggerSpecificData.m_pTemporaryILBlobTable
: m_debuggerSpecificData.m_pDynamicILBlobTable);
// Lazily allocate the hash table.
if (table == NULL)
table = PTR_DynamicILBlobTable(new DynamicILBlobTable);
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