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kevinhooke / gist:a1a2e01af791ee2e3f012e5777efbe72
Created Feb 2, 2020
Maven assembly - package with jar dependencies
View gist:a1a2e01af791ee2e3f012e5777efbe72
View gist:24e5458844d8041a08cb94db076fca2c
~pre~ / ~/pre~ : preformatted, monospaced text, keeps inline wiki formatting
~pp~ / ~/pp~ : as pre, but with no inline formatting
View gist:d5af7351f9e5f32c78d469b7fdd42c7d
maven {
url "url to repo"
View gist:0c5bc0b0e6effc9d3febb2cba33958ad
gradle dependencies
#for module
gradle :modulename:dependencies
View gist:60cf4f7222f50ac97edeb2a6a52a7aee
git config --global --unset user.password
kevinhooke / gist:19554473f9815baa0f01bf0c0d686818
Created Sep 20, 2019
JsonMappingException: No serializer found for class xyz
View gist:19554473f9815baa0f01bf0c0d686818
Class being serialized doesn't have public getters for a member property of a custom type.
objectMapper.setVisibility(PropertyAccessor.FIELD, Visibility.ANY);
kevinhooke / gist:8b6e990bf2f1a8a60ac7da598eaedbb2
Created Sep 16, 2019
MacOS and Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE)
View gist:8b6e990bf2f1a8a60ac7da598eaedbb2
Perl character classes like \w, \d are not supported by default in MacOS BSD style utils like grep, use POSIX classes
\w == [:alpha:]
[\w\d] == [:alnum:]
\d == [:digit:]
[\s\t] == [:blank:]
Also see:
View gist:bc2ba9b1d4bc060be41b5bb337209dc0
ls -d */ | cut -f1 -d'/'
kevinhooke / gist:d0364c2d5d63e436f27db4ac2b84aaf2
Created Sep 5, 2019
jax-ws dump network traffic to system out
View gist:d0364c2d5d63e436f27db4ac2b84aaf2
View gist:b13a64407b5a22da1163f99f42f32679
#cli set/get entry in hash
hmset hash-name key value
hmget hash-name key
#keys in hash
hkeys hash-name
#values in hash
hvals hash-name
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