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UUID Byte Benchmark Test for Cpython
import uuid
import time
import sys
from binascii import unhexlify
N = int(sys.argv[1])
class UpdatedUUID(uuid.UUID):
def bytes(self):
return unhexlify(self.hex)
def run_test():
original_times = 0
updated_times = 0
for x in xrange(N):
original_uuid = uuid.uuid4()
updated_uuid = UpdatedUUID(hex=original_uuid.hex)
compare_uuids(original_uuid, updated_uuid)
original_times += benchmark(original_uuid)
updated_times += benchmark(updated_uuid)
print "Original Average: %s" % format_time(original_times)
print "Updated Average: %s" % format_time(updated_times)
def format_time(runtime):
return ('%.3f microseconds' % (runtime * 1000000.0 / N))
def benchmark(uuid_object):
t = time.time()
return time.time() - t
def compare_uuids(original, updated):
if original.bytes != updated.bytes:
print "Original UUID does not match updated UUID byte representation."
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