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TLEN.LSP - Total LENgth of selected objects
(c) 1998 Tee Square Graphics
(defun C:TLEN (/ ss tl n ent itm obj l)
(setq ss (ssget)
tl 0
n (1- (sslength ss)))
(while (>= n 0)
(setq ent (entget (setq itm (ssname ss n)))
obj (cdr (assoc 0 ent))
l (cond
((= obj "LINE")
(distance (cdr (assoc 10 ent))(cdr (assoc 11 ent))))
((= obj "ARC")
(* (cdr (assoc 40 ent))
(if (minusp (setq l (- (cdr (assoc 51 ent))
(cdr (assoc 50 ent)))))
(+ pi pi l) l)))
((or (= obj "CIRCLE")(= obj "SPLINE")(= obj "POLYLINE")
(= obj "LWPOLYLINE")(= obj "ELLIPSE"))
(command "_.area" "_o" itm)
(getvar "perimeter"))
(T 0))
tl (+ tl l)
n (1- n)))
(alert (strcat "Total length of selected objects is " (rtos tl)))
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Gino1337 commented Oct 4, 2021

Thx a lot

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