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Creating a Personal and Work specific workspace

  1. Create a personal workspace using Initialize Workspace
    • initialize with a blank vault
      • if you want to version control the vault, run Vault Convert to add a git repository to this vault
    • repeat this process with other vaults as needed (we recommend just starting off with a single vault), see reasons for going multi-vault here
    • add your workspace to version control by running the following:
      1. Initialize a git repo
        git init
        git add .
        git commit -m "initial commit"
      2. Add a remote
    • your done. if you need to setup your personal workspace on another computer, clone the workspace repo. dendron will look at your dendron.yml file and automatically pull any missing vaults
  2. Create a work workspace by running Initialize Workspace again
    • repeat the above steps
    • to share your work workspace, share the git repo where the workspace is located
  3. Add your work vaults to your personal vault
    • when inside your personal workspace, run Vault Add
    • choose remote and put the git endpoint of your remote workspace
    • Dendron will pull down your work workspace
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