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Supporting Rails Nested Resources in Batman.js
class App.Model extends Batman.Model
@persist App.Storage
@encodeAttributesFor: ->
@encodeAttributesForKeys ?= []
for key in arguments
if typeof key == 'string'
@encodeAttributesForKeys.splice(index,1) if (index = @encodeAttributesForKeys.indexOf(key)) > 0
@encodeAttributesForKeys.push key
class App.Storage extends Batman.RailsStorage
@::before 'create', 'update', (env, next) ->
if env.subject.constructor.encodeAttributesForKeys?
data =
if namespace = @recordJsonNamespace(env.subject)
obj = data[namespace]
obj = data
for key in env.subject.constructor.encodeAttributesForKeys
if obj[key]
obj["#{key}_attributes"] = obj[key] if obj[key].length
delete obj[key]
@::after 'update', @skipIfError (env, next) ->
if env.subject and env.subject.constructor.encodeAttributesForKeys?
for key in env.subject.constructor.encodeAttributesForKeys
objects = env.subject.get(key)
if objects? == 'AssociationSet'
objects.forEach (object) ->
if object.get('_destroy')
class App.Store extends App.Model
@hasMany 'products'
@encodeAttributesFor 'products'

oooh, that's lovely.

If there was a way to work this into the RailsStorage adapter then it seems like an easy merge. Not sure how you'd do that, but that seems like the right spot.


kevinthompson commented Dec 13, 2012

Updated the implementation to use Batman.RailsStorage so that the toJSON method doesn't need to be overwritten.


kevinthompson commented Jan 29, 2013

Added @::after 'update' callback to clean up nested objects after a successful updated.

Any chance of this getting merged into BatmanJS core?

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