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2017 WordCamp US Job Board

The following table is a transcription of the job board at WordCamp US on December 1-3, 2017. The table includes a combination of individuals and companies that are either seeking jobs or hires related to WordPress.

Post Contact
Looking for affiliates to build church websites.
WordPress devs helping agencies and businesses.
A full service digital agency can assist you with any of your WP needs.
Web developer, WP, HTML, CSS, PHP.
I do support. Hire me!
I am a technical writer with WP and freelance writing experience. Nicole Plumlee Arguello,
Front-end developer - Boston, MA.
Looking for experienced WP devs.
Intern program open now! @causelabs
We build AMP landing pages automatically (with tracking!).
Front-end developer.
Custom web development, databases, specialized code, PHP, MySQL, custom plugins.
Design and front-end help needed at ModernTribe, The Events Calendar.
Need Beaver Builder developers.
Graphic/web designer, logos, branding, websites.
I am a WordPress freelancer. Price: $30 per hour. @nonproftechie
10up is hiring! is hiring full-stack developers.
Caldera Labs, makers of Caldera Forms seeks a full-time Operations Manager and Senior Developer.
Web design, developer, Divi!
Design and communication.
Contract developers needed at Fame House
WordPress and Laravel developer needed in Sweden.
Superlux is hiring designers and developers.
Back-end developer.
Need help marketing your small business? Your Power. Your Voice. Your Brand. -Bridget
Looking to gain more WordPress experience. Jake Albion,
WP Buffs front-end developer.
WP Rocket is hiring! Join the Dream Team as Product Owner.
Formidable Forms
Crowd Favorite back-end PHP developer. @crowdfavorite
WordPress VIP high profile, high fun. Hiring now! Developers, project managers, anyone awesome.
Your website will be useless if your brand is broken.
WordPress writer.
DesignUps - code, design.
Wanna move to Europe? Dekode is hiring experienced developers!
UX designers.
Plesk is hiring.
FanSided hiring developers in Phoenix. @betsela on Slack and Twitter
Inverse Paradox is hiring!
DreamHost is hiring.
NC State University
Sideways8 seeking designers and developers.
Web Developer (Apprentice or Full-time)

Source: @WordCampUS Tweet

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gidgey commented Dec 5, 2017

Thank you for transcribing this and providing the resource, Kevin.

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Nicely done! 👍

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iandunn commented Dec 7, 2017

I love the idea of making this content more accessible. At the same time, though, I wonder if some of the people above might not want to have their email addresses listed in a public space, in a format that's easy for spammer to scrape?

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Ian, that is a good point. I have removed all email addresses and replaced them with links to the website domains instead. I was trying to mirror the format of which does publish emails alongside the posts. Also the tweet from which the posts were sourced is public. But I do understand scraping concerns, and if we move to a digital job board in the future we will better clarify what info will be posted. Thanks again for the feedback.

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iandunn commented Dec 11, 2017

Thanks Kevin, I imagine some of the people there will appreciate that. I think you raised some good points too, I agree that one of the benefits will be that it'll be much clearer how the info will be disclosed.

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