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Official Sagemath guide

Setting up local development copy

  • Get develop branch of sage.
git clone
cd ~/sage
git checkout develop
  • Build sage.
cd ~/sage
export MAKE='make -j 48'
nice -n 19 make build

Setting up trac

git clone
cd ~/git-trac-command
python install --user
  • Authenticate with user/token
cd ~/sage
git trac config --user USERNAME --token <TOEKN FROM TRAC>
  • Authenticate with ssh keys
    • make the key-pair
ssh-keygen # follow the prompts
  • Show the public key
cat .ssh/
- copy this over to the in your account settings

Make a ticket!!

  • Hit the new ticket button.
  • Fill things in!

Checkout the ticket

cd ~/sage
git trac checkout <ticket number>

Make a commit

  • Do some edits.
  • git add <file> to tell git to track these edits.
  • Run some tests
  • git commit -m "<one line description>" to make a commit.
  • git trac push to send to the trac server.
  • Edit the ticket appropriately.
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