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Sublime Text 2 - Shortcuts


  • alt+shift+w: Wrapping content with tag
  • super+shift+a: Select content into tag


  • super+f2: Toggle bookmark
  • f2: Next bookmark
  • shift+f2: Previous bookmark
  • super+shift+f2: Clear bookmarks


  • super+ku: To uppercase
  • super+kl: To lowercase


  • super+alt+g: Find next word
  • ctrl+l: show at center


  • crtl+shift+[num]: Focus group
  • ctrl+alt+shift+[num]: Move file to group


  • super+l: Select line
  • super+d: Select word
  • ctrl+shift+m: Select content into brackets
  • super+shift+enter: Insert line before
  • super+enter: Inter line after
  • ctrl+shift+k: Delete line
  • super+k-k: Delete from cursor to end of line
  • super+backspace: Delete from cursor to start of line
  • super+j: Join lines
  • ctrl+m: Jump to matching brackets
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