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HG Fogbugz Mercurial Extension
HG Fogbugz Mercurial Extension
Prevents committing bad BugIDs
Add to .hgrc or mercurial.ini
fogbugz = C:\Users\User\hg_extensions\
import re
import mercurial, sys, os
_branch_regex = re.compile('(feature|bug|case|bugid|fogbugz)_(?P<bugid>\d+)')
_commit_regex = re.compile(r'\b(?P<case>(review|case|bug[zs]?(\s| )*(id)?:?)s?(\s| )*([#:; ]| )+)((([ ,:;#]|and)*)(?P<bugid>\d+))+',re.I)
def pretxncommithook(ui, repo, **kwargs):
Checks a single commit message for adherence to commit message rules.
To use add the following to your project .hg/hgrc for each
project you want to check, or to your user hgrc/mercurial.ini to apply to all projects.
pretxncommit.hgfogbugz = python:hgfogbugz.pretxncommithook
commit_message = repo['tip'].description()
branch = repo['tip'].branch()
commit_match = _commit_regex.match(commit_message)
branch_match = _branch_regex.match(branch)
if commit_match and branch_match and ('bugid') !='bugid')):
ui.warn('Commit bugid does not match with branch name bugid.\n')
return True
return False
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