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Last active May 18, 2016 22:03
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Weird pricing of Dropbox Pro

Last week Dropbox introduced Dropbox Pro with 1TB storage space (and some other cool features) for $99/year (or $9,99/month), which is a pretty good deal (Google Drive 1TB also costs $99,99/year). The problem: it's not $99/year, but $130/year (or $13/month) if you happen to live in Europe. Instead of converting prices from dollars to euros, they just changed $ to €.


But that's not the best part. You can buy it cheaper if you use Dropbox app on iOS.

pricing on iOS

Now it's only $118/year or $10/month, which is much cheaper than through their website (and they still have to give 30% of that to apple!). I guess we should thank apple for not allowing different pricing in different regions. So if you plan to upgrade to Dropbox Pro, do it through their mobile app.

This practice of converting prices $1:€1 is really unfair to european consumers, which for some reason have to pay way more for their services, and Dropbox is not alone in doing this.

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dainiuxt commented Sep 2, 2014

Use HubiC: 25 GB FREE, 100 GB = EUR1/Month, 100 TB = EUR10/month. You can choose datacenter in USA or Europe.

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ghost commented Sep 2, 2014

ad HubiC: you can not really share Folders and you can not share files, you can only give someone access to a permanent file which doesn't regard later changes.
Therefore it is unfortunately not at all comparable with DP.

ad price: I was charged only $99 for one year of DP Pro a few months ago while living in the EU.

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