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Last active Mar 21, 2017

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A bare minimum script to query the NASA HORIZONS system for positional data
The URL format is documented at
I figured out the template by using the webinterface to make a query I wanted and then
clicking 'batch-file' to see how the batch file commands would look like.
Also see by Michael Mommert
import urllib.request
import time
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
def query(target, start, stop, step, center="500@0", retry_count=50):
query.url = '&'.join([
for n in range(retry_count):
return parse(urllib.request.urlopen(query.url).readlines())
except urllib.request.URLError:
# in case the HORIZONS website is blocked (due to another query)
# wait 0.1 second and try again
raise TimeoutError
def parse(lines):
return {
'raw_text': lines,
'ephemerides': parse_ephemerides(lines)
def parse_ephemerides(lines):
se = [n for n, l in enumerate(lines) if l.startswith(b'$$SOE')] + \
[n for n, l in enumerate(lines) if l.startswith(b'$$EOE')]
return np.array(
[parse_eph_line(l) for l in lines[se[0] + 1:se[1]]],
dtype=[('jdtdb', float), ('x', float), ('y', float), ('z', float)]
def parse_eph_line(line):
sp = line.split(b',')
return (sp[0],) + tuple(sp[2:5])
def plot_query(target, start, stop, step, center="0", retry_count=50):
res = query(target=target, center=center, start=start, stop=stop, step=step, retry_count=retry_count)
eph = res['ephemerides']
fig = plt.figure(figsize=(4, 4))
plt.plot(eph['x'], eph['y'])
fig = plt.figure(figsize=(4, 4))
plt.plot(eph['x'], eph['z'])
oi = object_ids = {
'solar-bary': '0',
'em-bary': '3',
'earth': '399',
'moon': '301',
'mercury': '199',
'jupiter': '599',
'saturn': '699'
plot_query(target=oi['earth'], center=oi['solar-bary'],
start='2100-01-01', stop='2100-12-31', step='1d')
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