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Created April 10, 2018 13:19
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This gist shows how you could go about defining ReasonML types based on a GraphQL schema that reference each other, as well as a recursive decoder function used to parse a JSON response into the correct type.
/* Use Reason's ability to define recursive types with the `and` keyword */
type movie = {
id: option(string),
name: option(string),
rating: option(Js.null(string)),
runTime: option(Js.null(int)),
actors: option(list(actor)),
and actor = {
id: option(string),
name: option(string),
movies: option(list(movie)),
/* Next we'll write a recursive decoder. We need to define the different possible
types we're trying to define. We also need a generic "node" type so that our decoder
is always returning the same type of thing. Finally we'll use the "%identity" to allow
converting things to/from our generic "node" type */
type node;
external toNode : 'a => node = "%identity";
external fromNode : node => 'a = "%identity";
type gqlType =
| Movie
| Actor;
let rec decode: (gqlType, Js.Json.t) => node =
(t, json) =>
switch (t) {
| Movie =>
id: optional(field("id", string)),
title: optional(field("name", string)),
rating: optional(field("rating", nullable(string))),
runTime: optional(field("runTime", nullable(int))),
list(json => decode(Actor, json) |> fromNode),
|> toNode
| Actor =>
id: optional(field("id"), string),
name: optional(field("id"), string),
list(json => decode(Movie, json) |> fromNode),
|> toNode
/* Now we'll define a way to more easily use the decoder by making sure it returns the type
we're actually wanting... */
type decoder('graphqlType) = Js.Json.t => 'graphqlType;
let decodeType: (gqlType, Js.Json.t) => 'a =
(t, j) => decode(t, j) |> fromNode;
/* I'd still like to reference things by their module to keep my naming conventions a little
cleaner. So I'll still have a file that looks like this: */
open GQLTypes;
type t = movie;
let decode: decoder(t) = decodeType(Movie);
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