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Forked from anonymous/soundcloud.rb
Last active Dec 11, 2015
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Soundcloud Sinatra authorization example. Created the anonymous gist by mistake and hence, forked it here. This is an example to explain the auth-flow and probably has bugs.
# Soundcloud, after authorization, redirects to a pre-registered URL
# with the user's code, access_token embedded in the URL which may
# be an issue!
# Alternatively, modify the #authorize_url() method such that the url
# that gets generated has a parameter "response_type" of "code" instead
# of "code_and_token" which is the default.
require 'sinatra'
require 'soundcloud'
class App < Sinatra::Base
def client_id
def client_secret
set :port, 9292
get '/login' do
client = => client_id,
:client_secret => client_secret,
:redirect_uri => "http://localhost:9292/done")
redirect client.authorize_url()
# Alternatively, the following can be used to control what you get out of
# the response from soundcloud
# auth_url = client.authorize_url()
# auth_url.gsub!("response_type=code_and_token", "response_type=code") To get only the code
# auth_url.gsub!("response_type=code_and_token", "response_type="token") to get the access_token of user
# redirect auth_url
get '/done' do
# the params hash would contain a "code" that is required to generate the
# access_token which is required for further requests to access the user's
# profile etc.
# user_token = client.exchange_token(:code => params[:code])
#! user_token
# optionally, redirect to /me or /
# redirect '/'
# Soundcloud embeds the Access code of the user who has logged in the query params. It can be obtained
# using params[:code] inside the '/done/ url. This code needs to be sent in all future requests to access
# the user's functions.
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