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Matrix Effect in you terminal
echo -e "\e[1;40m" ; clear ; while :; do echo $LINES $COLUMNS $(( $RANDOM % $COLUMNS)) $(( $RANDOM % 72 )) ;sleep 0.05; done|awk '{ letters="abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789@#$%^&*()"; c=$4; letter=substr(letters,c,1);a[$3]=0;for (x in a) {o=a[x];a[x]=a[x]+1; printf "\033[%s;%sH\033[2;32m%s",o,x,letter; printf "\033[%s;%sH\033[1;37m%s\033[0;0H",a[x],x,letter;if (a[x] >= $1) { a[x]=0; } }}'
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khakimov commented Aug 31, 2012

like this

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e-fu commented Apr 19, 2014


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bqbtoan commented May 29, 2014


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breim commented Jun 20, 2014


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jezstephens commented Oct 19, 2014

Cool :)

Here's a deobfuscated version for the curious:

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c4po187 commented Jul 11, 2016

Nifty 👍

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JohnathonSpies commented Feb 12, 2017

I love this

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davidreyburn commented Jul 23, 2017

Cool command! I'd like to change the characters printed to terminal, but any change I make to the string in 'letters' returns the error "awk: illegal statement at source line 1 - 5 missing ]'s". Anyone know what all I need to change for that?

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dhaiducek commented Apr 20, 2018

This is sweet. Thanks! I've created an updated version that clears columns from above and exits and clears the screen upon a key press:
(I changed it to show only zeros and ones since I couldn't get it to change to a foreign alphabet without changing my system settings.)

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HaidarSellami commented Feb 16, 2019


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anderskitson commented Feb 27, 2019

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rpranshu commented Apr 30, 2019

How to put custom text in this?

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nguyenmanhhien commented Nov 11, 2019

Nice! Thank you.

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xiaotianhu commented Dec 17, 2019

Really cool! Love it

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rullinoiz commented Apr 20, 2020

real good computer heater

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yangjiang3973 commented Sep 29, 2020


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OlaoluwaM commented Nov 15, 2020

That's crazy man!

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iksana98 commented May 16, 2021

Love it its awesome

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coolnumber9 commented Aug 26, 2021

Thanks, @khakimov. Just in time for #TheMatrix4 #TheMatrixResurrections .

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WuglyakBolgoink commented Sep 20, 2021

memory killer...

better use this

or on macOS -> brew install cmatrix

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