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Working from home

Tarek Khalil khalilovcmd

Working from home
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View enhanced_processor.rb
module Rendering
module Slack
module Processors
class EnhancedProcessor < ::SlackMarkdown::Processor
def filters
@filters ||= [
View message.json
"attachments": [
"color": "#36a64f",
"pretext": "Some pretext",
"author_name": "Jasmine Jaume",
"text": "Some text",
"image_url": ""
View nokogiri_parsing.rb
document = ::Nokogiri::HTML::fragment(text)"h1,h2,h3").each do |header|
View note.rb
module Rendering
module Parts
class Note < Reply
include ::Services::Slack::Rendering::Mixins::TeammateAuthor
def attachment_color
def fallback
View part_renderer.rb
class PartRenderer < Renderer
"note" => ::Services::Slack::Rendering::Parts::Note,
def render(context)
View message_renderer.rb
module Rendering
class MessageRenderer
class SlackMessage; end
class SlackAttachment; end
class SlackAttachmentField; end
class SlackAttachmentAction; end
def initialize(context =
khalilovcmd / logger.js
Last active Jul 8, 2019 — forked from rtgibbons/logger.js
Logger Library with winston
View logger.js
var winston = require('winston');
var fs = require('fs');
// check if directory exist
if (!fs.existsSync('logs')) {
fs.mkdirSync('logs'); // create new directory
// Set up logger
var customColors = {
khalilovcmd / lodashify.js
Created Dec 19, 2015
to import lodash into chrome dev tools console
View lodashify.js
var el = document.createElement('script');
el.src = "";
el.type = "text/javascript";
khalilovcmd /
Last active Dec 16, 2015
installing server density redis plugin on a linux machine (server density agent version 1)
# download sd-agent v1.4.1, then run .sh
chmod +x
./ -a xxxxxxx -k xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
# python and pip need to be installed
pip install redis
# edit sd-agent config file
vi /etc/sd-agent/config.cfg
khalilovcmd /
Last active Dec 9, 2015
installing heroku, and getting started
# download heroku
wget -O- | sh
# login to heroku
heroku login
# create heroku-git link (adding a heroku remote)
heroku create
# pushing a commit to heroku