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Sample Dependence Injection Container in GoLang
package main
import (
type UserRepository struct {
Description string
func NewUserRepository(description string) *UserRepository {
return &UserRepository{
Description: description,
type UserService struct {
UserRepository *UserRepository
func NewUserService(userRepo *UserRepository) *UserService {
return &UserService{
UserRepository: userRepo,
type Builder func(con *Container) interface{}
// definition class
type Definition struct {
Name string
Builder Builder
// DI Container class
type Container struct {
store map[string]Builder
share map[string]interface{}
func NewContainer() *Container {
return &Container{
store: map[string]Builder{},
share: map[string]interface{}{},
// DI Container method: register the object creation method
func (c *Container) MethodRegister(d *Definition) {[d.Name] = d.Builder
// DI Container method: register object itself
func (c *Container) ObjectRegister(d *Definition) {
c.share[d.Name] = d.Builder(c)
// DI Container method: get object from container
func (c *Container) Get(key string) interface{} {
instance, _ := c.share[key]
if instance == nil {
builder, _ :=[key]
instance = builder(c)
return instance
func main() {
container := NewContainer()
rd := &Definition{
Name: "UserRepo",
Builder: func(con *Container) interface{} {
return NewUserRepository("Instance of user repo class")
sd := &Definition{
Name: "UserService",
Builder: func(con *Container) interface{} {
userRepo := con.Get("UserRepo").(*UserRepository)
return NewUserService(userRepo)
userServiceInstance1 := container.Get("UserService").(*UserService)
userServiceInstance2 := container.Get("UserService").(*UserService)
fmt.Println("Objects list:")
// expect 2 difference object ID
fmt.Printf("UserService1: %p\n", userServiceInstance1)
fmt.Printf("UserService2: %p\n", userServiceInstance2)
// expect the same object ID
fmt.Printf("UserRepo for UserService1: %p\n", userServiceInstance1.UserRepository)
fmt.Printf("UserRepo for UserService2: %p\n", userServiceInstance2.UserRepository)
fmt.Println("Shared objects: ", container.share)
fmt.Println("Stored objects definition method (not share): ",
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