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Collection chunking via @timvermeulen
extension Collection {
func chunk(size: Int) -> ChunkedCollection<Self> {
ChunkedCollection(self, size: size)
struct ChunkedCollection<Base: Collection>: Collection {
private let base: Base
private let chunkSize: Int
fileprivate init(_ base: Base, size: Int) {
self.base = base
chunkSize = size
typealias Index = Base.Index
var startIndex: Index {
var endIndex: Index {
func index(after index: Index) -> Index {
base.index(index, offsetBy: chunkSize, limitedBy: base.endIndex) ?? base.endIndex
subscript(index: Index) -> Base.SubSequence {
base[index..<self.index(after: index)]
extension ChunkedCollection: Equatable where Base: Equatable {}
extension ChunkedCollection: Hashable where Base: Hashable {}
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