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** Maurach's SQL Server 2012 for Developers
- Queries:
(select, distinct, where)
(like, IsNull)
- Joins:
(inner, outer, cross, self)
(except, intersect)
- Aggregation:
(groupby, having)
(summary => rollup, cube, grouping set, over)
- SubQueries:
(In, All, Some, Exists)
- CTE (Common Table Expressions):
(simple, reverse)
- DML (Data Manipulation):
(select into)
(insert, update, delete)
- Data Types:
(Numeric, String, Date/DateTime)
- Functions:
(String, Numeric, Date)
(Other => CASE, IIF, Choose, COLEASE, IsNull, Grouping)
- Database Design:
(primary / foreign keys)
(relations => one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many)
- DDL (Data Definition Language):
(Database, Table, Index, Constraints, Sequences)
- Advanced SQL:
(Stored Procedures)
(Scripts => variables, conditionals, dynamic sql, errors)
- Transactions:
(concurrency, locking, deadlocks)
- Security:
(logins, permissions, roles)
- Working with:
(XML, BloB, GeoSpatial, Json, ...)
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