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@khatv911 khatv911/max_substring.js
Last active Feb 17, 2019

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find max substring
// find max substring
// using dynamic programming
// Time: O(n)
var maxSubString = s => {
if (s.length <=1) return s
let dp = [] // max-len of the substring at index i
var idx=0// mark start index of max substring
dp[0] =1
for(var i=1; i < s.length; i++){
if(s.charAt(i) > s.charAt(i-1)
&& s.substr(idx,dp[i-1]) < s.substring(i)){
idx = i
else dp[i] = dp[i-1]+1
return s.substr(idx,dp[s.length-1])
console.log(maxSubString("abanbna")) //nbna
console.log(maxSubString("ababnan")) //nan
console.log(maxSubString("abcbabn")) //n
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