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khiav223577 / gist:0e9e2ba42f9ac869ba8a489678a46753
Last active February 9, 2021 14:03
Migrating from Travis CI to GitHub Actions
# Migrating from Travis CI to GitHub Actions
git checkout -b feature/migrate_from_travis_to_github_actions
rm .travis.yml
ruby -e "File.write('','').gsub('', '').sub('.svg?branch=master', '/workflows/Ruby/badge.svg').sub(/(khiav223577\/\w+)\)/, '\1/actions)'))"
git add .
git commit -m 'remove travis'
khiav223577 / kmp.rb
Last active December 28, 2020 04:37
KMP algorithm
# frozen_string_literal: true
def kmp_table(pattern)
i = 0
j = 1
table = [0]
while j < pattern.size
if pattern[i] == pattern[j]
i += 1

What / Why

Deploy key is a SSH key set in your repo to grant client read-only (as well as r/w, if you want) access to your repo.

As the name says, its primary function is to be used in the deploy process, where only read access is needed. Therefore keep the repo safe from the attack, in case the server side is fallen.

How to

  1. Generate a ssh key
khiav223577 / make.log
Created March 1, 2020 19:52
error log when trying to install ruby 1.8.7 via `rvm install 1.8.7`
[2020-03-02 03:45:28] __rvm_make
__rvm_make ()
\make "$@" || return $?
current path: /home/khiav/.rvm/src/ruby-1.8.7-p374
PATH=/home/khiav/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.5.5/bin:/home/khiav/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.5.5@global/bin:/home/khiav/.rvm/rubies/ruby-2.5.5/bin:/home/khiav/.rvm/bin:/home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin:/home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games:/mnt/c/Program Files (x86)/Razer/ChromaBroadcast/bin:/mnt/c/Program Files/Razer/ChromaBroadcast/bin:/mnt/c/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Oracle/Java/javapath:/mnt/c/Program Files (x86)/Razer Chroma SDK/bin:/mnt/c/Program Files/Razer Chroma SDK/bin:/mnt/c/Program Files (x86)/Intel/Intel(R) Management Engine Components/iCLS:/mnt/c/Program Files/Intel/Intel(R) Management Engine Components/iCLS:/mnt/c/Windows/system32:/mnt/c/Windows:/mnt/c/Windows/System32/Wbem:/mnt/c
khiav223577 / PG::Error: ERROR: new encoding (UTF8) is incompatible
Created February 21, 2019 11:59 — forked from amolkhanorkar/PG::Error: ERROR: new encoding (UTF8) is incompatible
Postgres PG::Error: ERROR: new encoding (UTF8) is incompatible
======= Prolbem =================================================================================================================
I have installed : ruby-2.0.0,postgres-9.2 , now in rails app when I execute:
rake db:create , command I get:
PG::InvalidParameterValue: ERROR: new encoding (UTF8) is incompatible with the encoding of the template database (SQL_ASCII)
HINT: Use the same encoding as in the template database, or use template0 as template.
: CREATE DATABASE "my_db_name" ENCODING = 'unicode'.......
bin/rake:16:in `load'
module Kernel
def require_outer_gem(path)
gem_path = "#{Gem.path.first}/gems"
extract_gem_name = ->(gems_paths){{|s| s[/gems\/([^\/]+)\/lib$/, 1] }.compact }
outer_gems = extract_gem_name[Dir["#{gem_path}/*/lib"]] - extract_gem_name[$LOAD_PATH]
outer_gems = outer_gems.lazy
.map{|s| s.rpartition('-') }
.map{|gem_name, _, version| [gem_name, version] }
.sort_by{|_, v| } # 多版本的話選最新版號
khiav223577 / gist:6a3faf5d935e2c7180ea26de35701402
Last active November 24, 2018 15:51
2018 台北市長選舉推測票數(依各區票倉的票所數 已送/應送 比例乘上去來推測)
require 'httparty'
class ApiService
include HTTParty
base_uri ''
def load(code)
response = self.class.get("/#{code}.html").parsed_response
response =~ /已送\/應送:&nbsp;(\d+)\/(\d+)/
khiav223577 / rails http status codes
Created July 7, 2018 15:27 — forked from mlanett/rails http status codes
HTTP status code symbols for Rails
HTTP status code symbols for Rails
Thanks to Cody Fauser for this list of HTTP responce codes and their Ruby on Rails symbol mappings.
Status Code Symbol
1xx Informational
100 :continue
101 :switching_protocols
102 :processing
WPS ='kernel32', 'WriteProfileString', ['P'] * 3, 'L')'Fonts', font_name + ' (TrueType)', font_file_name)
khiav223577 / mac 的各種設定.md
Last active April 16, 2017 13:14
mac 的各種設定


chflags nohidden ~/Library
defaults write autohide-delay -float 0 && killall Dock
defaults delete autohide-delay && killall Dock