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Created June 6, 2018 04:57
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import { Component, OnInit, ViewEncapsulation, Input, HostListener, EventEmitter, Output } from "@angular/core";
selector: "custom-message",
template: `
<p [class]="type">
styles: [
`p{display:block; padding:20px;background:#000; color:#fff; font-size:20px; font-family:inherit;}`,
`.success{background:rgb(65, 234, 212);}`,
`.failure{background:rgb(255, 32, 110);}`
encapsulation: ViewEncapsulation.Native
export class MessageComponent implements OnInit {
@Input() message: string = "test";
@Input() type: string = "";
@Output("action") action = new EventEmitter();
onclick() {
constructor() {}
ngOnInit() {}
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