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Split contract by Mikhail Vladimirov
// Simple smart contract that allows anyone to send ether from one address to
// another in certain branch of the blockchain only. This contract is supposed
// to be used after hard forks to clearly separate "classic" ether from "new"
// ether.
contract BranchSender {
// Is set to true if and only if we are currently in the "right" branch of
// the blockchain, i.e. the branch this contract allows sending money in.
bool public isRightBranch;
// Instantiate the contract.
// @param blockNumber number of block in the "right" blockchain whose hash is
// known
// @param blockHash known hash of the given block in the "right" blockchain
function BranchSender(uint blockNumber, bytes32 blockHash) {
if (msg.value > 0) throw; // We do not accept any money here
isRightBranch = (block.number < 256 || blockNumber > block.number - 256) &&
(blockNumber < block.number) &&
(block.blockhash(blockNumber) == blockHash);
// Default function just throws.
function() {
} // If we are currently in the "right" branch of the blockchain, send money to
// the given recipient. Otherwise, throw.
// @param recipient address to send money to if we are currently in the
// "right" branch of the blockchain
function send(address recipient) {
if (!isRightBranch) throw;
if (!recipient.send(msg.value)) throw;
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