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Created March 17, 2014 17:00
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require 'mechanize'
module CCCB::Core::TwitterMessage
extend Module::Requirements
TWITTER_REGEX = /\/(?<name>[A-Za-z0-9_]*)\//i
needs :bot, :links
def module_load
default_setting true, "options", "log_twitter_message"
twitter_message.history ||= []
add_hook :twitter_message, :uri_found do |message, uri_data|
next unless message.to_channel?
next unless match = TWITTER_REGEX.match(uri_data[:uri])
agent =
mobile_url = agent.get(uri_data[:uri]).meta_refresh[0].href
mobile_page = agent.get(mobile_url)
name = match[:name]
tweet ='.main-tweet .tweet-content .tweet-text div').text()
date ='.main-tweet .tweet-content .metadata a').text()
message_reply = "twitter \x0311|\x0F #{tweet} \x0311|\x0F tweeted by @#{name} at #{date}"
message.reply message_reply
next unless message.user.get_setting("options", "log_twitter_message")
twitter_message.history ||= []
twitter_message.history << [message.nick, source, uri_data[:uri], name, date, tweet]
twitter_message.history.shift if twitter_message.history.count > 1024
add_request :twitter_message, /^link search (?<pattern>.*?)\s*$/ do |match, message|
message.reply "Searching..."
message.reply twitter_message.history
pattern = Regexp.escape(match[:pattern])
pattern.gsub! /%/, '.*'
regex =
seen = {} { |(n,s,u,name, date, tweet)|
regex.match(name) || regex.match(date) || regex.match(tweet)
}.each do |(nick, source, uri, name, date, tweet)|
next if seen.include? uri
message.reply "from #{nick} \x0311|x0F #{uri} \x0311|\x0F @#{name} \x0311|\x0F @#{date} \x0311|\x0F @#{tweet}"
seen[uri] = true
nil # requests automatically respond with whatever the block returns
# ending with nil prevents this
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