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Created February 11, 2021 06:17
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Create a custom Blog Embed
<!-- I've created an example you can peek at here: -->
<!-- -->
// First, set your Log ID (typically<log_id>
window.logId = 'james';
// Now, we fetch data, and print our logs on our current page
fetchData(function () {
// This will output a new array of entries at window.sounds
// We can iterate through our entries and display them in our blog template
sounds.forEach((sound, i) => {
// In this example I use jQuery to append each post, but you can do whatever you like with the window.sounds array
<article class="amplitude-play" data-amplitude-song-index="${ i }" style="cursor:pointer" onclick="$('#docked-player').show()">
<div class="featured-image" style="background-image:url(${ sound.cover_art_url })"></div>
<h2>${ }</h2>
<time>${ sound.album }</time>
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