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@kidd kidd/vimium.json
Created Jun 24, 2018

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"settingsVersion": "1.63.3",
"exclusionRules": [
"pattern": "https?://*",
"passKeys": "j,k,i,s,x,u,r,/,n,p"
"pattern": "https?://*",
"passKeys": "j,k,x,c,"
"pattern": "https?://*",
"passKeys": "j,k,t,/"
"filterLinkHints": false,
"waitForEnterForFilteredHints": true,
"hideHud": false,
"keyMappings": "# Insert your preferred key mappings here.\nmap <a-v> scrollPageUp\nmap <c-v> scrollPageDown\nmap <c-n> scrollDown\nmap <c-p> scrollUp\nmap <c-j> scrollDown\nmap <c-k> scrollUp\nmap <a-<> scrollToTop\nmap <a->> scrollToBottom\nmap b Vomnibar.activateTabSelection\nmap <c-s> enterFindMode\nmap <c-d> scrollPageDown",
"linkHintCharacters": "sadfjklewcmpgh",
"linkHintNumbers": "0123456789",
"newTabUrl": "about:newtab",
"nextPatterns": "next,more,newer,>,›,→,»,≫,>>",
"previousPatterns": "prev,previous,back,older,<,‹,←,«,≪,<<",
"regexFindMode": false,
"ignoreKeyboardLayout": false,
"scrollStepSize": 60,
"smoothScroll": true,
"grabBackFocus": false,
"searchEngines": "w: Wikipedia\n\n# More examples.\n#\n# (Vimium supports search completion Wikipedia, as\n# above, and for these.)\n#\n# g: Google\n# l: I'm feeling lucky...\n# y: Youtube\n# gm: Google maps\n# b: Bing\n# d: DuckDuckGo\n# az: Amazon\n# qw: Qwant",
"searchUrl": "",
"userDefinedLinkHintCss": "div > .vimiumHintMarker {\n/* linkhint boxes */\nbackground: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0%,#FFF785),\n color-stop(100%,#FFC542));\nborder: 1px solid #E3BE23;\n}\n\ndiv > .vimiumHintMarker span {\n/* linkhint text */\ncolor: black;\nfont-weight: bold;\nfont-size: 12px;\n}\n\ndiv > .vimiumHintMarker > .matchingCharacter {\n}"
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