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Forked from wallace/Debugging Ruby Notes.html
Created December 6, 2015 03:50
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My notes from Aman Gupta's Debugging Ruby webinar by Engine Yard
<a href="">lsof</a>
show open files
lsof -nPp <pid>
<a href="">strace</a>
strace -cp <pid> -- summary mode, run it for a while and then hit ^C
strace -ttTp <pid> -o <file> -- system call and arguments as they are happening
ruby 1.8 uses signals to schedule its green threads. process receives a SIGVTALRM signal every 10ms
in summary mode, you see a lot of calls sigprocmask (ruby bug, shows up in
linux distribution ruby because compiled w/pthread as it is spawning thread to do signaling)
<a href="">tcpdump</a>
tcpdump -i eth0 -s <len> -nqA <expr>
tcpdump -w <file> -- dumps to file, and then open file in wireshark for further analysis
<a href="">PERFTOOLS, google's performance tools</a>
download and compile, setup, profile and report
pprof ruby --text or --gif
gem install perftools.rb (only interested in ruby c calls)
-- real time (wall time) vs. CPU time
perftools does a good job helping you understand a code base as you can see the function call graph
also has object allocation profile
<a href="">ltrace</a>
ltrace -cp <pid>
ltrace -ttTp <pid> -o <file>
traces library calls as opposed to strace does system calls.
joe domato - new maintainer of ltrace
no good ltrace on os x. no good strace on mac os x. dtrace works on mac os x
but doesn't replicate all the functionality of strace and ltrace
<a href="">gdb</a>
gdb <executable>
gdb attach <pid>
1. Attach to a running process
2. Use a coredump
gdb.rb -- gdb with MRI hooks
gem install gdb.rb
gdb.rb <pid> (does not work w/1.9 or OS X) gdb 7 not compatible on OS X
<a href="">memprof</a> -- a heap visualizer for ruby
gem install memprof
like bleak_house, but for a given block of code
use memprof::Middleware in your webapps to run track per request
shows you details about objects created during that block. json output
dump out every single live object as json
one per line to specified file
couple hundred mb file
analyze via
custom ruby scripts
... -- fantastic!!
a web-based heap visualizer and leak analyzer
<a href="">rack-perftools</a> -- rack middleware for perftools.rb
gem install rack-perftools_profiler
middleware that adds urls to app that, if special params are included,
intercepts a request and returns profile info!
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