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Using custom certificates with AppEngine
package main
import (
var tlsConfig *tls.Config
func init() {
var (
certFile = "cert.pem"
keyFile = "key.pem"
caFile = "ca.pem"
cert, err := tls.LoadX509KeyPair(certFile, keyFile)
if err != nil {
ca, err := ioutil.ReadFile(caFile)
if err != nil {
cpool := x509.NewCertPool()
if !cpool.AppendCertsFromPEM(ca) {
panic("could not append certs from pem")
tlsConfig = &tls.Config{
Certificates: []tls.Certificate{cert},
RootCAs: cpool,
func client(c appengine.Context) *docker.Client {
client := &http.Client{
Transport: &http.Transport{
TLSClientConfig: tlsConfig,
Dial: func(network, addr string) (net.Conn, error) {
// This works around a bug with socker.Dial in dev env.
// See:
if appengine.IsDevAppServer() {
return net.Dial(network, addr)
return socket.Dial(c, network, addr)
return client
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