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@kihira /HandInfoPanel.cs Secret
Last active Apr 2, 2016

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[SerializeField] private GameObject canvas;
private WallInteractable.LogData currLog;
private float playingTime = 0f;
public void Attach(HandModel handModel, WallInteractable.LogData log)
hand = handModel;
detachedTime = 0f;
currLog = log;
playingTime = 0f;
// TODO show downloading message
GameObject.Find("Canvas/Text Panel/ScrollView/Text").GetComponent<Text>().text = log.message;
GameObject.Find("Canvas/Text Panel/ScrollHandle").GetComponent<DynamicScroll>().DelayedUpdate(0.1f);
GetComponent<AudioSource>().clip =;
if (log.autoPlay) GetComponent<AudioSource>().Play();
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