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Build vulture nethack from source on Mac OSX. Place this file in the base of the vulture nethack source code and run it.
# Step 1: Install the following 3rd party prerequisites, you can get these from macports:
# sudo port install libpng
# sudo port install libsdl_ttf
# sudo port install libsdl_mixer
# Step 2: Download and unzip Vulture Nethack source from
# Step 3: Place this file at the base of the unzipped vulture nethack source directory, and run it:
# sh
# Step 4: Run Vulture Nethack!
# /usr/games/vulture-nethack
set -e
cd `dirname $0`
cd sys/unix
cd ../..
make NHDIR="../.."
sudo make GAMEUID=`whoami` GAMEGRP=`id -gn` install
echo Type /usr/games/vulture-nethack to run vulture nethack.
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