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Last active Oct 5, 2017
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Glorious `join with and` code
fn join_with_and(xs: &[&str]) -> String {
match xs.split_last() {
None => String::new(),
Some((last, &[])) => last.to_string(),
Some((last, &[first])) => format!("{} and {}", first, last),
Some((last, beginning)) => format!("{}, and {}", beginning.join(", "), last),
fn works() {
assert_eq!(join_with_and(&[]), "".to_string());
assert_eq!(join_with_and(&["foo"]), "foo".to_string());
assert_eq!(join_with_and(&["foo", "bar"]), "foo and bar".to_string());
join_with_and(&["twitter", "reddit", "hackernews"]),
"twitter, reddit, and hackernews".to_string()
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