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Last active Aug 25, 2016
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reobf NamedObjectDomainContainer
reobf {
// the name of a Jar task
jar {
// for notch names
useNotchSrg() // Deprecated in 2.1. Use mappingType
// or for srg names
useSrgSrg() // Deprecated in 2.1. Use mappingType
// in latest
mappingType = 'NOTCH' // or 'SEARGE'
// or for some other mapping file
mapping = file('mappings.srg')
// reobf some other artifacts (using task name)
fatJar {} // just reobf this using defaults
obfJar {
// for modifying the classpath
classpath += configurations.api
// add some srg
extraLines 'CL: Test test/Test', 'CL: Test1 test/Test1'
extraFiles file('extra.srg') // or a file
// NOTE: This is meant for basic renaming. For shading and relocating, please use a proper shading plugin.
// I suggest shadow.
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